The Wario bros are back and they're attempting to steal a priceless gem to bad someone else stole it first.



(The scene starts at Wario Bros.'s house. Cut to Wario being retarded. Cut to Waluigi.)

Waluigi: Wario can you stop being retarded? I'm trying to watch the news!

(Cut to television as Wario crashes down to the floor, then stares at the TV.)

Den Douchebag: The Mushroom Musuem had just displayed a very rare gem that's worth millions of dollars

(Cut to Wario being surprise at the gem is worth millions of dollars.)

Wario: Whoa! Excellent!

(Cut to Waluigi.)

Waluigi: Wario remember the last time we tried a robbery

(Cut to a flashback.)


(Cut to Wario Bros.)

Wario & Waluigi: Motherf*cker!

(Cut back to Wario. Zoom in to Wario.)

Wario: Nope.

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